Coconut + Rose Bath Bomb Review | The Atlanta Bath Company (Video)

As I mentioned in a previous post, setting aside a little “you” time every day is a great way to manage stress levels and to practice self-love. In my opinion, it is an essential part of a person’s overall wellness. I relax in a number of ways…sometimes it’s curled up on the couch with my cat watching Netflix, other days it’s sipping on some tea out on the patio. But whenever I’m feeling really stressed, anxious, or just had a rough day, a relaxing night of pampering usually does the trick.Read More »

Watermelon & Lime Agua Fresca


I am no stranger to hot and humid days living here in South Florida, especially because I love being outdoors. Whether I’m taking photos for the blog or simply relaxing outside, I’m out puttering around in the backyard for at least an hour every day. I make sure to keep hydrated by drinking water of course, but sometimes I crave something a little different but just as cold & refreshing.Read More »

Tropical Storm Smoothie Bowl

Today has been a windy, overcast day here in South Florida. I tend to like days like today, I’m not sure why (well, the fact that the sun isn’t out and beaming on me is certainly a good reason why). The cool wind is always welcomed, too. I wanted to brighten up the day a bit by making a colorful smoothie bowl for lunch. I scoured our fridge/ freezer and this is what I came up with:Read More »

Berry & Granola Parfait + Coconut Whipped Cream

Easing into this natural lifestyle has been going well, there have been a few roadblocks but hey…I’m still learning. I’m more conscious of what I’m putting into my body, and I’ve been making it a point to thoroughly read the ingredient list of store-bought items. Not everyone here at home is doing the same so at times it can be hard to ignore the chemical-ridden, processed food that still lurks in our pantry. I’ve had to get creative with what I eat so it doesn’t feel restrictive, because that’s not what I’m going for. When you eat with the mentality of “I get to eat this delicious natural food that my body will thank me for” rather than, “I have to eat this food because I hate my body” it is so much easier and more rewarding. Read More »

Bash Bish Falls State Park | Mt. Washington, MA & Copake, NY

Happy Spring Equinox! I know I’m a little late but I feel like it’s not just a one day celebration, it’s something that can be celebrated all month long. We’re moving into warmer weather and longer days…trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the Earth is coming alive again after a long, bleak Winter. For me (and I’m sure many others), the Spring season brings a yearning for adventure and wanting to be outdoors…Read More »